Sponsorship Application


The Swim Shack Ambassadors are talented, energetic and fun-loving athletes. We love seeing them chase their dreams while wearing the coolest gear out! Swim Shack Ambassador sponsorships are for 12 months and during that time there are some great perks, as well as some important things you would need to do.

Some of the perks for you:

  • free swim gear when accepted
  • an ambassador discount code
  • earn free gear when your friends make purchases using your code

Some of the things you need to do as a Swim Shack Ambassador:

  • wear your gear with pride during training, recreational activities, competition warm-up and WHENEVER ELSE YOU WANT!
  • keep us up to date with your sporting activity, trainings, competitions and travel
  • shout out @swimshack.shop in your bio along with your discount code
  • take and upload images/videos of you wearing/using your gear for us to use as marketing material and promote Swim Shack

A few ideas which make some great photos: Training, competitions, vacations, mates, etc.

After clicking send it may take a while to complete, please stay on the page. If an error comes up click send again.